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September 14th, 2023

Launching La Tiendita: The Stories Behind Mijente’s Iconic Pieces

La Tiendita, Mijente’s online store, is set to launch soon, and we wanted to share the story behind three key pieces in our collection. For us, La Tiendita isn’t just a store– it’s an embodiment of our values, a platform to showcase our identity, and a means to support our mission of fighting for el Buenvivir. Each item is more than just clothing; it’s a symbol of our commitment to community, empowerment, and unity.

So, let’s dive into the heart of La Tiendita and explore the narratives that have shaped our collection.

Our Cozy Classic: Mijente Hoodie

If you’ve ever attended a Mijente event, you’re probably familiar with the sight of the occasional black hoodie among the crowd. This classic piece, featuring the distinctive white cursive script spelling out Mijente, has become an iconic symbol of our organization. The story behind these hoodies dates back to our earliest days– even then, we understood the importance of our look and feel in making a lasting impression.

The script itself isn’t the product of hours of reviewing mock-ups born out of a sterile design studio, but rather from the creative mind of Phoenix tattoo artist and muralist Angel Diaz. It was just days before Mijente’s soft launch at the 2015 Netroots conference, that Angel sketched the script on a simple bar napkin. This act of inspiration and spontaneity perfectly captured the essence of our community-oriented approach, and the rest is history. 

Wearing a Mijente hoodie is so much more than just a fashion statement– it signifies the belief that our cultural experiences and traditions can serve as a powerful force to bring about meaningful change. 

Our Go-To Pa’l Calor: The Buenvivir Crop Top

Embracing the spirit of summer, our black Buenvivir crop top perfectly captures the essence of el Buenvivir. It reaffirms our commitment to fighting for the physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being and flourishing of our communities. At Mijente, we recognize the significance of advocating for el Buenvivir of our people, going beyond just mere survival. Fighting for el Buenvivir is all about instilling a sense of pride and confidence in our communities’ ability to thrive and enact real, transformative change. 

The rows of ants featured on this print– under a bright sun– also uplift the idea that reaching el Buenvivir is going to take all of us. Just as ants come together, securing our shared well-being is a collective effort that every one of us can play a role in. 

Blaze a Trail: Mijente’s Fire Ant Long Sleeve Crewneck

Right in the center of this comfy black crewneck, Mijente’s ant symbol makes another appearance, illuminated by flames. For us, ants have always been a powerful symbol– they remind us of the importance of collective organizing and unity in advancing our work. In the same way that ants work together tirelessly to build intricate structures and gather resources, our movement thrives and flourishes when individuals come together and combine their strengths, passions, and wisdom. For us, the symbol of the ant is a reminder that every contribution, no matter how small, has the potential to create a lasting impact.

Surrounding our ant is a circle of the values we’re proud to uphold here at Mijente. As we continue to build our political casita, our foundation is rooted in being pro-Black, pro-Indigena, pro-worker, pro-mujer, pro-trans, pro-queer, and pro-migrant. This circle of values is our guiding light, encompassing the essence of who we are and what we strive to embody in every space we show up. Because we hold all of these identities, and because our unity against shared oppressions is central to our vision of change, we’re building a space for all Latinx and Chicanx people, where no one has to check elements of who they are at the door. 

Y Ahora, You Get to Decide What They Mean For You

We hope that our little recorrido through the inspirations behind these pieces has shed some light on what makes them so special. When you wear them, whether you’re boldly advocating for your community at city hall during public comments or simply finding solace at home while focusing on self-care, we want you to feel that you’re not just wearing comfy clothes – you’re wearing a piece of our shared history and a symbol of solidarity.

As you wear these pieces, we can’t wait to see you infuse them with your unique flair and sazon, making them an expression of your identity and commitment to change. Together, we’re building a community that’s bigger than any one of us, and every piece of our collection carries a bit of that collective spirit. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. We can’t wait to see you out there, proudly wearing your Mijente pieces and making your mark on the world.

Edit: You can now access La Tiendita here!

Paid for in part by Mijente PAC, 734 W Polk St., Phoenix, AZ 85007, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.