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June 26th, 2019

Building our Resilience in the Face of Deportation Threats

In this moment, when the state weaponizes trauma against our migrant communities, our tactic becomes building resilience. 

The suffering inflicted on migrants has intensified during the current administration, illuminating the need for our movements to have access to culturally grounded and justice-oriented healing that is accessible to our frontline communities. The current political assaults on our community can devastate our spirits, livelihoods, and wellbeing, leaving deep wounds for generations. We need to affirm our humanity, our worthiness, our power, and all our people’s beauty. We declare that our future is bright and self-determined.

The Latinx Therapists Action Network (LTAN) is one resource building the path to this future. LTAN is a national network of Latinx mental health practitioners committed to affirming the human dignity of Latinx migrant communities, by supporting those on the frontlines of the struggle against criminalization, detention and deportation.

LTAN has an online platform with a directory and peer support collective of Latinx therapists at and those with mental health expertise in Spanish and English to build the resiliency of the migrant rights movement and its leadership by:

  • Providing low cost mental health services.
  • Providing emotional health education where therapists and grassroots organizations coincide geographically and through building a vibrant online platform of resources. 
  • Deepen the consciousness of Latinx Therapists about issues of criminalization, incarceration and migration to better serve our communities 
  • Stand in Solidarity with the Migrant Rights Movement against criminalization, detention and deportation.


The following resources and more can be found on the Latinx Therapists Action Network website:


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