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April 9th, 2018

5 Ways to Support Ale During Her Hearing #ReleaseAle

After 4 weeks in detention, beloved activist and Mijente member Alejandra “Ale” Pablos finally received a date for her bond hearing! Ale has been held without bond since being taken into custody during a regular check-in with ICE on March 7. The bond hearing is Ale’s chance to be released, but she needs everyone’s support to make that happen!

5 Ways to Support Ale During Her Hearing

1. Come to Eloy, Arizona, for Ale’s hearing!
Ale needs throngs of supporters to show up for her bond hearing on April 19th. Join us in showing the judge how loved Ale is and how much our community needs her! Since the courtroom is so small, most of us will be rallying outside, showing our love for Ale, sharing stories of her courage and compassion, and calling on the judge to do the right thing. Sign up and meet us there!

2. Publish an Op-Ed in your local paper to gather more support for Ale.
Rally your local community behind Ale by sending an op-ed to your local paper describing why Ale should be released back home!

3. Spread the outcome of Ale’s hearing on social media.
On April 19, follow Mijente on Facebook or Twitter and be ready to spread the word on the outcome of Ale’s hearing. We’ll either be sharing news of her release or spreading the word about action against ICE if they refuse to release her. Use the #AleVsICE and #ReleaseAle hashtags.

4. Send Ale a personal letter in detention.
Ale has written to Mijente sharing how much your letters mean to her and how they lift her spirits. Send your letter to:

Miriam Alejandra Pablos Espriu A#xxx-xx2-577
ELOY, AZ 85131

5. Sign and share her petition!
Join the more than 23,000 supporters who’ve signed the petition demanding Ale’s release. Already signed it? Then continue to share it on social media to help collect more signatures!

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