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September 10th, 2017

Prepare Against Raids: New “Defend Your Rights” Materials Available

Even under the Trump regime, there are things we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones and prepare to better defend ourselves against raids. ICE may be acting with impunity, but people power will always be more powerful than the people in power.

With rumors swirling of massive raids being planned and with the daily raids continuing, we offer a new “Know Your Rights to Defend Your Rights” handbook to help inform and prepare you and those you hold dear.

Download the booklet in English | Baja la libreta en español

The “Know Your Rights to Defend Your Rights” handbook was developed with Puente Human Rights Movement in Arizona and the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights and authored by our field director, Jacinta Gonzalez, who shares years of experience doing deportation defense in New Orleans. We collaborated with Touch Touch Studios for the illustration. It compiles some of our best learning from red state veterans and reminds us that – the only secure community is an organized one.

In the books, you’ll find information on what to do if ICE comes to your home, your work, or stops you on the street or while driving. There’s a checklist of helpful documents to compile and keep in a safe place ahead of time. And there’s sheets you can tear out to put on the inside and outside of your door in case an agent comes knocking.

We’re also making the graphics available for non-commercial use so that they can be a tool in your local organizing, on your fliers, and in your presentations.

In addition to the new books, you may also want to check out some more resources:

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